Journal publication in Chile, Colombia and Venezuela: University responses to global, regional and national pressures and trends

Por Jorge Enrique Delgado

«This is a study about university responses to global, regional, and national trends and pressures regarding the support and development of scholarly/scientific refereed or peer-reviewed journals. The responses, in terms of policies, institutional arrangements, and actions, were proposed to be studied in universities from Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela. This project is motivated by the significant growth that journals in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Latin America and the Caribbean (LA&C) have shown in recent decades. That expansion of journals is attributed to a series of pressures, trends, initiatives, and policies at the three levels mentioned, as well as a response to the obstacles that scholars/researchers from the region face to be published by prestigious journals and journals to be included in mainstream bibliographic indexes. The growth has not been studied at the institutional level, that is, the universities where most of the journals are published.»

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